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No fat belly diet plan | Exercises to lose belly fat for Men, Women & Kids

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How to lose belly fat in 10 days - Banner

How to reduce belly fat in 10 days

Among the most challenging things to maintain in a person’s body is a flat belly. Studies show that belly fat is an issue that doubles chances of heart disease attacks. Even if you’re not obese, belly fats increase the chances of your death. A study conducted in July 2017 shows that more than 90% of men have belly fats . If you are one among these men, and trying to de-bloat or flatten your midsection then you have come to the right page. In this article, we’re discussing how to reduce belly fat in 10 days plan. The plan, … Read More

20 Worst Food for Belly Fat

20 worst foods for belly fat

We all have heard this particular adage- “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. Yes indeed the food that we consume these days can either build our immune system or else destroy it. That’s why it is very essential to consume a balanced diet and get rid of crappy junk food as the body is the only place that we live in and so we must take care of it by nourishing our body with good foods entering our system or else we might get prone to a high waist circumference with a harmful belly fat leading … Read More


Yoga for belly fat | Top 20 yogasana to reduce belly fat fast

Belly fat is a common issue that we tend to face in today’s scenario. These are generally the fat around the abdomen. There are two types of belly fats one is Visceral, the fat surrounds the organs and another one is Subcutaneous, the fat settles under the skin. However, make sure you are out from Visceral belly fat. Reasons for belly fat: Poor diet, that may cause weight gain, slow down your metabolism and reduce your ability to burn fatsConsuming excess of alcoholLack of exerciseStressGeneticsLack of or improper sleepSmoking and other bad habitsHowever for women, generally after menopause, you tend to notice … Read More


Top 9 belly fat exercises for men | Reduce belly fat fast

Which man on this universe wants to look like a couch potato? Every man on this earth wants to have six pack abs and both look and feel good. No wonder why men these days are hitting the gym and getting over conscious about their health. Well exercising the right way is very essential to eradicate the harmful belly fat. Yet these day’s owing to various misconceptions about following various crash diet’s, many individual’s fall prey to following these diet’s and then later land up in the hospital. They follow various crash diets like Atkins diet, fruit diet, keto-genic diet and … Read More

Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat For Females

Top 9 belly fat exercises for women | Workouts to lose belly fat at home

Majority of the females are getting quite health conscious these days. They are especially concerned about their looks and most importantly what worries most of the females these days is their belly fat! Rather than dreaming about getting married to a rich guy and settling in a big house, what I feel is that these days females dream about eating a lot without getting fat and without having a big belly. We females try hard to get a body like our favourite celebrities. Majority of the individuals also go on crash diets to lose that annoying belly fat. But let … Read More

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